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The past, present and future
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The past, present and future

Who am I?

My name is Lana Goulding. After leaving high school I began nursing in veterinary practice and subsequently qualified as a Veterinary Nurse a few years later in 1991, and had followed that career path since, with a few minor changes from time to time, until April 2014 when I left nursing behind to follow my passion and become a full time lampwork artist! 

The Beginning Of It All. 

I started designing jewellery in September 2011 using old beads I had kept for years in my craft box, you know how that sort of thing happens; I was bored...started messing around stringing and before I knew it a design appeared and I was hooked!

I practiced to begin with by dismantling old necklaces from jumble sales, charity shops, or those given to me by friends and family; the beads were upcycled and given a new look.  I then progressed onto the real thing...and here I am!!

The Creative Director 
(better put her in or she will be upset!)

I am often ably assisted by my 14 year old ginger cat, Crippen, who seems to spend a lot of time in my indoor workshop (snoring mostly), hence my logo!

I consider her the creative director (and a valued member of the team) of Gingebod Designs, and she often checks out what I am doing.  Have a look at her in my photo

My Very First Exhibition.

I was invited to exhibit my pieces at the Stables Theatre Art Gallery (Hastings) in December 2011 for their Christmas Exhibition as their showcase artist. I sold a few necklace and earring sets from that exhibition, and subsequently have had a number of items commissioned as a result.

The Workshop!

This is where I now design and create my pieces, either by using bought in beads such as crystals and stones, or using glass beads that I have MADE myself using the torch and glass rods on the left of the picture and annealing them in the kiln on the right! Fun, fun, fun!

PS. the worktop does look very neat and tidy doesn't it? There is usually much more glass decorating it in one form or another....glassworking does tend to be a messy hobby!

The Present and Future

I had a tutorial day with local bead maker Rebecca Weddell in March 2012 and I discovered how to make my own beads; sort of try before you buy, and I absolutely loved it, although I did lose the hairs on the back of my hands!. Look at what I made on my portfolio pictures (under handmade beads section), I think they are rather special. Since then I have set up my own lampworking workshop and am producing some interesting bead designs which are being incorporated into my pieces or being sold individually or as sets to be used by the purchaser in their own designs. I am really hooked now!

I recently spent a day with leading enameller and silver clay craftswoman, Joy Funnell, working with Silver clay and enamels. That was really good, I enjoyed this enormously (and I wasnt too bad either!) so I am planning to begin silver clay work late in 2015 all being well!

Since then I have attended another class learning how to move molten glass to create some interesting effects. I got home and started to practice straight away!

So.....where can I purchase a Gingebod Designs piece?

You could Click on this link for my shop:


commission me directly!

Do have a look at my portfolio page to see the type of jewellery and lampwork beads that I have created

NOTE: I currently am unable to produce any lampwork commissions as my glass workshop is closed due to relocation, I am able to do general bead commissions however, please contact me!

The opening page
The past, present and future
contacts and links page